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Our mission is to capitalize on failures, improve the process, and finally solve the fundamental issues everyone fears.

Discover our innovative business management services, leveraging cutting-edge technology & sustainability to drive success for businesses. Embrace the Fail Forward approach with Certified Bice Ltd.

Embrace the Fail Forward Approach with Our Business Management Services,

Certified Bice Ltd. offers a wide range of business management services to help companies of all sizes streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth. Our Fail Forward approach encourages learning from mistakes, leading to continuous improvement and innovative solutions for our clients.

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The Result of failure



of technology has resulted in dire consequences for the human race. It has impacted minds, economy, trust, faith, social fabric and so much more. We will demonstrate this, and we also fixed the problem.



has been lost on nearly everyone... most might take offense to a comment like that, but once an awareness level is achieved it is undeniable. Our systems have been architected with intent, and the doors of accountability were closed by design. We will demonstrate this, and we also fixed the problem.



levels in any area are absolutely astonishingly low, but the concerning aspect of that is the general acceptance. Through drawn out methodology executed at high levels, the bar has been lowered. This has resulted in a systemic and unnecessary dependence on corporation and government. We will demonstrate this, and we also fixed the problem.

From their mouths to your ears...

I love this company because they gave me the chance to prove my worth to everyone.
Pierce Rogg - CTO
Pierce Rogg - CTO
Chief Technical Officer
Working at Certified Bice Ltd has been a faced paced technically challenging role that continues to keep me on my toes.
John Foust - President Business Operations
John Foust
President of Business Operations
I'm just happy I can provide relevant, important opportunity to make an actual impact which allows my employees to affect change like they never thought possible. Argh!

Areas of Impact

Community Ethos

Community Ethos

Is one of accountability. We have suffered for too long under the weight of our own failures in this area, and it is not getting any better. In fact, quite the opposite. Nothing matters without community.

Political Science

Political Science

Purpose breeds results. Look for yourself at the results of the leadership in our world today and you will see that failure in every area of life. We believe in a better solution for a better future.

Business Systems

Business Systems

Business results in exploitation, poverty, and neglect. We know this to be true. Based on paradigms resistant to adaptation and change, these models are carried forward, as are their flaws. We have changed that.