It’s funny you can see the result of mass indoctrination techniques provided by government to influence people’s trust.

You think your reluctance to accept the perfect answer that literally saves you a month of your life every year…

That was planted… much like the Denver City Counsel openly admitted using indoctrination techniques to pass illegal legislature to train citizens to accept a bag tax when the same company send 35 pounds of junk mail every year without taxation or fees.

99% of which are immediately thrown in the trash… Why are we fining citizens, when it was the responsibility and fault of those same corporations and government that forced us into that bad decision in the first place…

Why are the citizens footing the bill that is so obviously OWED to us because without us they fail. Do you people realize what a single day of abstinence as a societal group would do to one of these organizations?

Let’s start a few national days and see:




Wake up folks, we can save you a month of time per year in organizing your emails, but the problem never ends until we address it communally. NOT WITH THE GOVERNMENT, THEY ARE COMPLETELY SEPARATED FROM THEIR PEOPLE. THEY MAKE DECISIONS FOR US, THAT IMPACT AND COST US MONEY BECAUSE THEY ARE INCOMPETENT AND INCAPABLE OF WRITING LEGISLATURE.

If you really want to be heard in 2024 election: #banthevote2024

You can trash the idea, but before you do, ask why government trust is so low, why trust between citizens are so low that a felon cannot deliver pizza for DoorDash?

This is the result of which you advocate for…

Would you like another ridiculous demonstration?

Circle K (Another Company I do not support and you should get gas elsewhere), There continued support of this type of policy brings the most menial jobs out of reach for a common felon, before you judge them…

Judge their child that watches all this transpire as their parent relentlessly attempts to account for the system that actually violates law and leaves that child with a hopeless future, thinking they can only expect the same.

Is this what you believe in?

Is this what your voting power amounts to, terrorizing future generations of children for their parent’s mistakes.

This is not the America I grew up in, well it is in fact but most of this was being orchestrated through decades of corrupt cabinets in the presidential office.

I am disgusted and will be relinquishing my citizenship and leaving this country before the civil war begins and the WW3 starts. within 2 years, The united states will be attacked by the rest of the world for their repeated crimes against humanity, and you are all culpable and deserve what you get.

I will learn an accent and disavow any relation to this country because of the shame I feel.