Let’s be real, everyone in America will be speaking Chinese in 2025 when they assume control of our country through UN legislature and our countries leadership selling us out anyway they can.

If you aren’t afraid of the decisions being made right now by our respective leaders… let me school you for a minute.

If you don’t know, you are ignorant. Why? Because the system was designed to keep everyone down, the government doesn’t see a citizen as anything more than a tax receipt at this point.

Why do you think that amazing constitutional statement we live by means nothing? When the people are disenfranchised by governmental leadership in league with big corporate and their policy writing… There is no actual process outlined for that.

That is a hollow statement. It is written into law that you cannot sue the government.

I will be filing the largest class-action in history against the state and people of Colorado. I hope people are paying attention because this sacrifice endangers my life. The criminal actions historically demonstrated by CDOC have resulted in alleged executions of trouble makers. This is why a particular gang in the state opted to murder the head of CDOC, it’s because of the leadership in this country that the state of Colorado is wasting multiple millions annually in taxes paid by citizens for a freakish and totally corrupt rehabilitation program. I have all the documentation, would you like a leak? Happy to provide… will make that happen in the next week. So extremely happy about this. This criminal organization needs to be brought to justice, it is just sad that we all put it in place. Now it is time to be accountable for OUR actions that lead to a great majority of the homeless problem in the City of Denver, which new elections are happening that will produce the same result, they support CDOC criminal activity and do not understand the root cause of the problem.

Stop voting, it is meaningless. I can and am willing to prove that any time you want.

The criminal justice system of this country and state are more criminal than those they house.

That said I will be putting out a press release some time Monday as an update. Please vote, it is important, more than the presidential election… if you still think that’s real… please educate yourself.

It’s just more of the same. Nothing changes and we as citizens suffer under this dictatorial slave ship we call a government.

I can demonstrate a policy written by the government in league with the insurance industry that disenfranchises over 5 million people and costs the country more than a trillion a year, not to mention the future losses.

Think about the child of a felon who is discriminated against for the majority of that child’s life. Do you honestly believe that child is going to grow up with that experience of watching their parent get tortured, and expect anything different? Do you think that child will grow up to be a productive member of society that cares and treats their peers with respect? Absolute no. Without question, you’re welcome to debate me and lose publicly anytime.

I just want people to stop being fake and take accountability.

What have you done of substance for your neighbors recently?

We are being sold out folks and by the time anyone realizes it, China will have firm hold of our freedom and we will continue towards this socialist end.

Everyone is crying about freedom, but in the same breath they’re every action is walking them and us towards that end.

If you have ever uttered the disgusting words “I’m woke”, you’re in fact the joke, you are so satisfied and cemented in your WOKENESS that you can no longer see simple logic and truth, FULLY INDOCTRINATED. Seriously, the city counsel of Denver openly admitted to using indoctrination techniques to train citizens to pay a tax.

Hey it’s a lot to process, very real and very true… accept the fact or don’t that is up to you. If you do want to talk about this I am making a special schedule in my Calendar to start informing everyone of this affront to our freedom, My team is hard at work right now gearing up to bring you the most real data on our political system that has ever been publicly presented.

We are going to show you the result of every action and show you the result of OUR OWN LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY.

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